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Maxion Wheels has been supplying OEMs with the highest quality wheels and most innovative technologies for over 100 years.

A Proud Legacy

Maxion Wheels is the world’s largest manufacturer of wheels, and the number one supplier of steel wheels globally. We provide high-quality wheels for virtually all trucking applications, as well as military, agricultural and commercial bus use.

With a legacy that stretches back more than a century, Maxion Wheels' reputation has been established through ceaseless innovation and advancement. We were the first to develop stud- and hub-piloted wheel technologies, the first to incorporate powder coatings for corrosion resistance and the first to integrate 100% gauged runout in our manufacturing process. More recently, we became the first to offer lightweight steel wheels across the full range of standard sizes, and the first to offer triple coating (MaxCoat™) protection as a standard pricing feature.

In North America, Maxion Wheels' roots were in Jackson, Michigan, where Clarence Hayes founded Hayes Wheels in 1908 – producing the first wheel for Henry Ford's Model T; ten years later, our South American operations started when Gregorio Iochpe and sons began a lumber company in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, ultimately diversifying into automotive and railway sectors. Today, we operate in 12 countries on 5 continents and employ 10,000 highly skilled people worldwide. We are headquartered in Novi, Michigan.