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Continuous Improvement from the Company that Introduced the Technology

Maxion Wheels was the first to bring Tubeless and Tube-Type wheels to the marketplace, and we remain the industry benchmark, providing the confidence, customer service, and support that today's OEMs and fleets rely on.


  • Available in diameters from 17.5" through 24.5" and widths of 6.75" through 8.25"
  • Standard 15-degree tapered bead seats
  • Welded-in, Heavy-Duty Adapter makes Tubeless rims Interchangeable with Tube-Type rims
  • Available in diameters from 15" through 24" and widths of 6.5" through 10"
  • Composed of a rim base and split-side ring
  • One split-side ring for ease of tire mounting
  • LW Rims for Heavy-Duty operating conditions accepts higher load-range tires
  • Interchangeable with our short offset Demountable Tubeless Rims
  • Composed of a rim base, flange, and split-lock ring
  • Provides continuous sidewall support for higher air pressure capability
  • Designed for heavier duty tires and used for on- and off-highway and mixed service applications
  • Stamped-in Safety Tab Featured on all M-Type Rims ensures proper, safe, and dependable installation
Maxion Wheels Steel Rim

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